The Norwegian national e-infrastructure for research encompasses equipment, operations and related services for high-performance computing, data storage, software systems and high-capacity networks, as well as tools for efficient workflows and software for simulations and data analysis.

Advanced User Support

Offers expertise that goes beyond ordinary general user support.

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easyDMP - Data Planning

Manage your data with an easy to use data management plan.

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Archive, publish and share your data openly.

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Use national e-infrastructure resources in your course of workshop.

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High-Performance Computing

Get access to the national supercomputers.

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Sensitive Data Services (TSD)

Safely store, compute and analyse your sensitive research data.

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For researchers who need to manage, store and share large amounts of data.

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NIRD Service Platform

Process and discover data with your favourite tools.

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Data policy

Click below to find information on data categorisations that will assist you in selecting the most suitable Sigma2 services for your specific dataset.

Categorisation of data and data policy

About the national e-infrastructure services

Sigma2 works closely with the universities of Bergen, Oslo, Tromsø and NTNU to operate the national e-infrastructure services. The collaboration is called NRIS (Norwegian research infrastructure services). It is the NRIS staff who ensures that all researchers who use the national e-infrastructure services get quick and easy access to domain-specific support and related activities.

Together we work to fulfil our vision We enhance excellent research for a better world.

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