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This page acts as a portal to support researchers using the national e-infrastructure.

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FAQ for users

How can i get access to a project or another system?

If you already have a user account, you can be added directly by the project leaders. Otherwise you may apply for access.

I forgot my password, how can i get a new one?

As long as you have a valid mobile phone number registered with us, and an active access to any of the systems, you may reset your password via our self-service portal.

How do i log in to the systems?

Useful information, including how to log in, is available in our technical documentation on the page Getting started.

I can't log in to the resources. Why?

There can be multiple reasons for this.
If you recently changed your password, please wait up to one hour before trying to log in.

I still can't log in.
First, verify that your username and password is correct. You may do so by trying to log in on this page.
If that does not work, you could try resetting your password.

In case you have tried the above without success, please contact support on and we'll gladly look into the matter for you.

What does "This user does not have information about current affiliation" on mean?

Your affiliation has expired in our system. There are a few reasons for this.

Please contact support on with information about your current affiliation to get this updated.
We normally request the following:

  • Organization/institute
  • Position
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile phone number


For technical information about how to use our services, see the documentation.

Documentation page


Contact information for support

All support requests concerning the e-infrastructure resources should go to

This is an issue tracker (ticket system) that is staffed with skilled operators from the Metacentre and Sigma2. The staff provide first-line assistance to all users, including user access and password administration to HPC and data storage projects on the national e-infrastructure resources.

Exception: Requests in regard to computing and storage resources should be sendt to, as Sigma2 provides support services for all issues related to administration of the national resource allocation.

The support staff is on call Monday-Friday and follow regular office hours. Short staffing during holidays may cause deviations in opening hours. Users will receive a response within hours during normal work-hours, or at the latest the following working day.


How to write good support requests

Writing good support requests is of great importance, both for the support team as well as the user.

Writing support requests: Good practices