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EasyDMP is a service that offers researchers with minimal experience in data management, a simple way of creating a Data Management Plan (DMP).
All researchers who work with and generate data need to have a data management plan (DMP). A DMP is a document that describes how you intend to manage your research data from the beginning of your project until after the project is completed. The purpose of the DMP is to ensure that the proper strategies to manage data are in place.  

A good DMP is an efficient tool that simplifies working with your data. It ensures correct and secure data handling, contributes to increased quality and makes it easier to validate and share the data. Most research institutions in Norway require that research projects have a data management plan. The same is true for the funding agencies, such as The Norwegian Research Council and the European Union.

EasyDMP is a service offering researchers with minimal experience in data management a simple way of creating a Data Management Plan (DMP). We do this by transforming any funding agency or institution’s data management guidelines and policies into a series of easy-to-answer questions, many containing a simple list of canned answers you can easily choose from when creating your plan.
Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will get an electronic document that you can attach directly to your research proposal. You can review the DMP document at a later stage, create versions and invite co-editors. Your research institution can also review the data management plan before submitting the plan or publishing it. You can edit the plan, share or duplicate it to serve as a starting point for other datasets.

As FAIR as possible

Your electronic DMP is machine-readable and helps you to have systematic data management throughout the research process. Read more about the data principles.

What Data Management Guidelines does easyDMP support? 

Guidelines for Data Management depend on the type of data and the scientific discipline. Research institutions and funders normally suggest best practices for data management. Best practices and guidelines are translated into templates. In easyDMP, you can choose among several templates, based on H2020 guidelines, Science Europe guidelines, as well as national / institutional specific templates. 
In easyDMP it is also possible to customise templates. If you want to suggest a different template or customise one to your institutional guideline, you are welcome to get in contact with us.

The DMP shall contain information about how the data are managed. The required information is derived from guidelines defined by research communities, institutions, funders, or policy makers. The required content in a data management plan varies between scientific areas. You describe what data you expect to collect or generate and how you will handle the data throughout the project period and after the completion of the project. In the DMP you specify your data sources and how the data will be:

    •    collected
    •    processed
    •    presented
    •    shared
    •    preserved

The data management plan is a dynamic document that needs to be updated and revised throughout your project period.

Everyone can use easyDMP:

  • Researchers who want to create a DMP for a specific project, regardless on the affiliation of the project and where the data are stored and maintained.
  • Research Institutions who want to customise a template according to the institutional specific guidelines.
  • Communities who want to have a template customised to the community specific guidelines. 


What’s in it for me? 

EasyDMP is specifically suited for: 

  • Researchers with minimal experience in data management 

  • Institutions that want customised institutional specific DMP template  

  • Users of the NIRD Storage services 

  • Researchers who want to have machine actionable electronic DMP. 

The EasyDMP service is free of charge.


To get access you need sign up with authentication. EasyDMP supports different authentication mechanism.

Users from all institutions supporting Feide federated identity can log in through DataPorten. Members from European institutions can authenticate through B2ACCESS login.

We also support OpenIdP login, such as Facebook, Google or Linkedin.


Get started with EasyDMP

See the EasyDMP user guide


EasyDMP going forward

Below you find the roadmap for the development of EasyDMP. The roadmap is continuously updated, and tasks may move forward and backwards if priorities change.

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