NIRD Data Storage

Storage space is needed to store datasets during the execution of a scientific project. Having a space to store all the data is crucial for the project´s success, to avoid spreading data over multiple private locations and allowing effective collaboration on a platform that is shared by all your co-workers. 

With the NIRD Data Storage service, you can store, share and manage large, active scientific datasets.

On NIRD Data Storage you store data during the execution of a scientific project/investigation. The storage space support multitenancy, therefore you can invite your co-workers to store and work in the same shared area. The storage space support multitenancy, therefore, you can invite your co-workers to store and work in the same shared area. The NIRD Data Storage can be scaled on demand up to whatever volume you need. 

The NIRD Data  Storage consists of two separated storage volumes designed to support the storage of Active Data (Tiered Storage, data accessed more frequently than once every 6 months) and Cold Data (DataLake, data accessed less frequently than once every 6 months). For a definition of Active and Cold Data see here.

All data stored on the NIRD Storage have daily snapshots and high redundancy to ensure the integrity of the data and protect the data from human mistakes. Valuable data stored on the Tiered Storage volume can also have a backup to be protected from natural disasters. You as data owner/data custodian can make decisions on the level of security you want for each dataset in a granular manner.

You can enjoy the capability of storage from whatever system you have on your local desktop. You can access the storage through the POSIX environment directly from NIRD Storage, or from Sigma2 HPC systems, or an S3 environment (planned to be available later in 2023).

NIRD Data Storage is available to: 

  • Researchers at Norwegian universities and university colleges   
  • Students at Norwegian universities and university colleges  
  • Researchers at independent research institutes 
  • Institutions related to public sector
  • Commercial use (only quota for the total capacity)  

What’s in it for me?

NIRD Data Storage is specifically suited for you who need:

  • Storage for any type of active data (> 1TiB) 
  • Storage for data-computing and data processing
  • Storage for sharing and collaboration across institutions and projects in the sector
  • Storage for data management


The cost of using the national e-infrastructure services depends on the funding that supports your project. Please see our price list for details: User contribution model

The most convenient way to access the resources is by applying through our regular calls, which normally are published in January and July. However it is also possible to apply outside calls at any point in time through the year.

Your individual application is evaluated based on scientific merit by a resource allocation committee, who grants you project access to resources if the application is accepted.

Alternatively you can reserve resources for your group and your institutions. If you want to explore this procurement model, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

Projects must meet the requirements for scientific quality and comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and the ICT policy at their affiliated research institutions.

Apply for data storage

If you have space on NIRD Data Storage already, you may give access co-workers. Only users authorised by you as project leader will have access to the storage space. 

Apply for user accounts

NIRD Data Storage going forward

Below you find the roadmap for the development of NIRD Active Storage service. The roadmap is continuously updated, and tasks may move forward and backwards if priorities change.

NIRD - an eco-system of storage services

NIRD – the National Infrastructure for Research Data is an eco-system of storage services designed to support scientific research in every step of the Research Data Life Cycle. You find services for:

Complete services overview

About the national e-infrastructure services

Sigma2 works closely with the universities of Bergen, Oslo, Tromsø and NTNU to operate the national e-infrastructure services. The collaboration is called NRIS (Norwegian research infrastructure services). It is the NRIS staff who ensures that all researchers who use the national e-infrastructure services get quick and easy access to domain-specific support and related activities.

Together we work to fulfil our vision We enhance excellent research for a better world.


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