The next-generation Research Data Archive: Use cases and implementation timeline


During the concept phase, several use cases were defined in tight dialogue with the users’ communities and important stakeholders in Norway.

During the planning phase, a priority order of the use cases was identified, and implementation strategies to allow the CKAN framework to enable the use cases were defined in collaboration with the Datopian CKAN experts.

Hands typing on a keyboard with an illustration of a kanban framework appearing in front of the screen.

Currently, the following use cases have been prioritized and are under development:

  • Upload data (any size) from institutional / privately owned / edge storage
  • Upload big data from the local project area on NIRD
  • License control, embargo, and access control
  • Download part of a dataset
  • Consume archive data through services
  • Versioning of the deposited dataset
  • Metadata customisation
  • Reserve a DOI before publication

After the first release, we will work on the remaining use cases, i.e. i) Customise data ingestion; ii) Upstream/downstream for time series; iii) Customize data search and data download; iv) Users want to report on downloads of their most popular data; v) Institutions want to have an overview/report of the archived data owned by the institution.

Timeline for the implementation

December 23

Sprint 1, sprint 2: Set up of the infrastructure

January 24

Sprint 3, sprint 4: Wireframe, design and prototyping

February 24

Sprint 5, sprint 6: Use cases 1 & 2

April 24

Sprint 7-sprint 10: Use cases 3-9

May 24

Sprint 11, sprint 12: Front end framework

June 24

Sprint 13: Feedback from the Reference Network and users