Processing of personal information in the Research Data Archive

What is considered personal information?

Personal data is all types of data and information that can be associated with and identified with a person, such as name, social security number, phone number or pictures. At Sigma2, personal information is processed in connection with the use of Norwegian e-Infrastructure for research, including the Research Data Archive.

Right to be informed

As a user of Sigma2’s Research Data Archive, you are entitled to receive information about what data is stored about you and how these are processed by Sigma2. This is a result of the Act on the Processing of Personal Information, Section § 18-21.
Why Sigma2 may in some cases use personal information?

Sigma2 uses mainly personal information to ensure that:

  • Possible security events are discovered, acted upon and communicated
  • Each person receives access to the correct data/data service
  • Data Processing Responsible entity

It is the general manager who has the overall responsibility for processing all personal data on Sigma2. This is the responsibility of ensuring that all personal data processing is conducted by applicable laws and regulations and that Sigma2 does not process personal information to a larger extent than is necessary to fulfil Sigma2's purpose. Sigma2's board has described the vision and goals on Sigma2's website.