Sigma2 new research archive

We are happy to launch the new data research archive project. The project aims to design and develop Sigma2's next-generation Research Data Archive. This project will develop the concept for the next generation research data archive that best support the Open Science paradigm, while still ensuring business confidentiality and personal privacy protection for data that require it.

The final solution will be flexible, interoperable and user-friendly by design. We strive to minimise overlapping and enhance the synergies and interoperability layer with existing services in the national and international data landscape.   

The project will not only design but also implement and deploy the archive service. The new archive for non-sensitive data will be included in the NIRD ecosystem and will have NIRD as backend. 


Project implementation

Project background

The Sigma2 Research Data Archive provides long-term storage for datasets resulting from Norwegian Research. Each dataset is issued with a DOI from DataCite and kept for at least 10 years after publication. Currently, the archive has more than 750 TiB of archived data. 

After operating the archive service for 5 years, we have uncovered the need for improving the service from a usability perspective. Also, the Open Science principles and the evolving needs of our explosion of the data-era end-users reveal new functional requirements for enhanced interoperability, data protection and sharing, and support for data discovery. 

Phases and timeline

The project is divided into 5 main phases separated by decision gates: 

  • Concept phase 

  • Planning phase 

  • Execution Phase 

  • Close-out Phase 

  • Benefit Realization phase 

At each decision gate, the Project Board decides on the prosecution of the project toward the next phase.  

We will practice design methodology in the concept phase to define problems/needs and reframe these in a human-centric way to focus on what is most important to the users. The goal throughout the concept phase is to gain a deep understanding of the users and what their ideal solution would be. The next phases are planned based on the outcome of the concept phase.   

The goal is to complete the concept phase during Q1, the planning phase in Q2 and the execution phase in Q3 / Q4 2022.  

Project organisation

The complete project organisation structure will be defined in the different phases of the project. The need for different competencies in various phases will change throughout the project.  

The project organisation for the concept phase consists of Sigma2 employees and members from collaborating partners. The members are chosen because of their expertise in different areas and will contribute with their competence. 

Illustration that shows the project organisation



Call for input

If you wish to get more information about the project or want to share your experience or thoughts on archiving, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Your experience with and thoughts on the archive (even if you have not used the current archive) would be extremely helpful in forming the new archive. If you wish to share your experience or wish to get more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch at contact@sigma2.no