With the increasing importance of HPC in various fields of research, public administration and industry, we have a central role in providing and communicating training opportunities available for Norwegian user groups.

The training activities are offered by NRIS, a collaboration between NTNU, UiB, UiO, UiT and Sigma2.

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Training for academia and industry

For researchers from the academic sector, training users with more basic or intermediate HPC skills and competencies are necessary to maintain and grow the user community with new and emerging user groups on a national and international level.

Industrial users can receive training services through the Norwegian Competence Center, the various training activities are meant to provide support in the adoption of HPC, HPDA, AI and ML, as well as for tools and mechanisms needed for using such instruments.

In addition, Sigma2 will also promote advanced training which targets exploiting the pre-exascale and future exascale systems on the international level.


Through pursuing training collaborations with international organisations and projects, Sigma2 and NRIS work towards making available training not currently available in Norway today, but also support other countries if there is a unique training offering in Norway that other countries find interesting.

Such an exchange of training between the different countries can be effectuated in either dedicated training for end-users (including industry) or through a train-the-trainer context.

Both scenarios can be financed through the ECC (Euro Competence Center) project, where ECC pays Norwegian or other European resources for training users, or for the training of Norwegian training resources for competence needed to train industrial and/or academic users.