Acceptable Use Policy

By registering with Sigma2 as a user of the national e-infrastructure, you shall be deemed to accept these conditions of use:


  1. You shall only use the national e-infrastructure to perform work or transmit or store data consistent with the stated goals and policies of the project that was accepted by the Resource Allocation Committee of which you are a member/user, and in compliance with these conditions of use.
  2. You shall not use the national e-infrastructure for any unlawful purpose and not (attempt to) breach or circumvent any administrative or security controls. You shall respect copyright and confidentiality agreements and protect your credentials (e.g. private keys, passwords), sensitive data and files.
  3. You shall immediately report any known or suspected security breach or misuse of the national e-infrastructure or credentials to the incident reporting locations specified by the project, to the relevant credential issuing authorities and to Sigma2 AS.
  4. Use of the national e-infrastructure is at your own risk. There is no guarantee that the national e-infrastructure will be available at any time or that it will suit any purpose.
  5. Logged information, including information provided by you for registration purposes, shall be used for administrative, operational, accounting, monitoring and security purposes only. This information may be disclosed, via secured mechanisms, only for the same purposes and only as far as necessary to other organizations cooperating with the national e-infrastructure. Although efforts are made to maintain confidentiality, no guarantees are given.
  6. The resource providers, the projects and the national e-infrastructure operators are entitled to regulate and terminate access for administrative, operational and security purposes and you shall immediately comply with their instructions.
  7. You are liable for the consequences of any violation by you of these conditions of use.
  8. You must notify the grant holder of the project of which you are a member/user and Sigma2 AS about any changes in your contact information.
  9. In case some or parts of these conditions are invalid or impracticable or if they become invalid or impracticable after the contract is signed, the remainder of the conditions is not affected. Only affected conditions may be substituted by conditions which are most close to the intended ones. This includes also incomplete conditions.