Change or reset passwords

This page provides instructions for setting a new password for accessing your compute or storage resources or resetting a forgotten or expired password.

All users must secure password confidentiality

Password policy

Password change delay

Please be aware that you need to wait for approximately 15 minutes after changing your password before it synchronises with the resource.This applies to all HPC and storage systems.

Set a temporary password or change an existing one

This process is relevant when:

  • You are a new user and have received a temporary password via SMS.
    You must change the temporary password within 7 days before accessing the resources.

  • You`ve received an email from Sigma2 indicating that your password is about to expire, and you need to change it.

  • You already have a password but want to change it.

Temporary password via SMS

Please note that the temporary password is sent via SMS to your registered phone number. If you're unable to receive SMS, an alternative option is to have a password sent to you via the postal service. If you require this option, please contact us by email.

Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, you can reset it via our self-service portal in our resource administration system.

You need a valid mobile phone number connected to your user account to reset your password.