CodeRefinery Workshop

Reserve the dates:
CodeRefinery's next workshop is planned to take place during 6 half-days over 2 weeks, 12-14 March and 19-21 March.

Date and time

Start: Mar 12 2024 08:50
End: Mar 21 2024 12:30


CodeRefinery invites everyone interested in improving their software practice skills to join the next CodeRefinery workshop planned in the middle of March 2024. The workshop is free and online.

CodeRefinery teaches all the essential tools which are usually skipped in academic education so everyone can make full use of software, computing, and data. CodeRefinery don't just give courses, but is a training network that you can join to share the effort and bring better courses to your community.

Stay tuned for more information about the next CodeRefinery workshop by visiting the CodeRefinery webpage.