Comprehensive general LUMI course

Are you interested in or do you have an ongoing project on LUMI? Then we highly recommend this four-day LUMI course.

The course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the LUMI architecture and programming environment.

After completing the course, you will be able to work efficiently on both the CPU (LUMI-C) and the GPU partition (LUMI-G).

Date and time

Start: Apr 23 2024 00:00
End: Apr 26 2024 00:00

Target audience

Users with ongoing projects on LUMI, users with project proposals in one of the national or EuroHPC channels, and support staff of local organizations of the LUMI consortium members.

Organised by:

The course will be jointly conducted by the LUMI HPE Centre of Excellence (HPE CoE), AMD and the LUMI User Support Team (LUST).

The course will include lessons on compiling and using software, programming models (HIP and OpenMP offload), porting, executing jobs, and optimizing applications to run on AMD MI250X.

The venue for in-person attendance is at CSC in Espoo, Finland, but all sessions will also be broadcasted on Zoom.

Course Prerequisites

This is not a high performance computing intro course but a in-depth discussion of the specifics and peculiarities of LUMI.

Participants are expected to have:

  • Solid knowledge of HPC cluster computing
  • Familiarity with Linux command line and programming (C, Fortran, or Python)

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the specifics and peculiarities of the LUMI hardware and software
  • Write job scripts to get the best performance, for example through efficient GPU binding
  • Compile programs utilize the Cray Programming Environment efficiently
  • Profile their application in order to understand performance bottlenecks
  • Use parallel debuggers to solve problems in MPI applications