Getting started with AI on LUMI

Are you keen on moving your AI training jobs to LUMI? Please check out the two-day workshop, designed to familiarize you with the capabilities of the LUMI supercomputer for artificial intelligence applications.

This is a hands-on workshop taking place in Copenhagen, but for those unable to attend in person, you may choose the option to join the lectures online.

While the interactive hands-on exercises and personalized support for implementing your own workflows will be exclusive to in-person attendees, remote participants will still benefit from the comprehensive lectures streamed live from the workshop.

Date and time

Start: May 29 2024 09:00
End: May 30 2024 16:30

Target audience

Researchers who are interested in transition from smaller-scale computing enviroments to the GPU-intensive LUMI Platform.

Organised by

LUMI User Support Team (LUST) and EuroCC National Competences Centers in Finland and Denmark.

Learning outcomes:

Attending the workshop, you will acquire an understanding of the LUMI-G architecture tailored for AI training, including an introduction to SLURM, ROCm, the Lustre/LUMI-O file systems, and the Slingshot 11 interconnect.

Specifically, you will:

  • Learn to utilize existing AI containers on LUMI and build your own using the container build tool, cotainr
  • Learn to distribute AI workloads across multiple GPUs within a single LUMI-G node
  • Explore strategies for scaling AI workloads across numerous GPUs distributed over several LUMI-G nodes
  • Gain insight into advanced topics for optimizing AI training processes on the LUMI supercomputer


The workshop consists of a mix of short lectures and hands-on exercises, that cover the following key topics:

  • LUMI-G architecture overview and its applications in AI
  • Introduction to the LUMI web-interface for development and monitoring
  • Using the AI framework PyTorch on LUMI
  • Building and deploying custom AI containers on LUMI
  • Strategies for scaling AI workloads across multiple GPUs
  • Get support to adapt and run your own AI training script on LUMI