VASP: Advanced optics and dielectric properties

Join 3 days of lectures and hands-on session in a workshop organized by VASP Software GmbH.

This workshop covers advanced optics and dielectric properties using density-functional-perturbation theory (DFT), hybrid functionals, and many-body perturbation theory.

Date and time

Start: Mar 13 2024 00:00
End: Mar 15 2024 00:00

The lectures go in-depth on estimating the optical gap and various dielectric properties from first principles, including advanced methods, e.g., the GW approximation and time-dependent DFT.

During the hands-on sessions, you will learn to perform your own ab-initio simulations using VASP within the computational environment that we provide.

Additionally, you have the extraordinary opportunity to meet the team developing VASP and ask questions on your calculations.