How to apply for a user account

A user account is required to use most of our services. In order to get an account you will need to apply for one.
This process is also used to get access to another project if you already have an account.

Go to the user application page

Take me there


1. Choose HPC if you need access to High Performance Computing resources.
2. Choose Storage if you need access to data storage facilities like NIRD and the Toolkit.



Provide the account details

Fill out your personalia, username (Use your existing one if you have one) and e-mail address. You must use an e-mail address related to your affiliation.

All fields with an asterisk (*) indicates that the information is required.



1. Provide your mobile phone number, including the country code. (i.e +4712345678). Passwords are sent via SMS to this number.
2. Select your affiliated organization (Not the organization you are visiting)
3. Only select the resources you need access to. If the project doesn't have an active allocation on the selected resource, access will normally not be granted.


1. Enter the expected start- and end date of your account. This is the date you will be able to manage and use your user account.
2. If you have a Feide user at your institution, please provide the full username in this field (i.e Alternatively you can also provide your OpenIdP user if you have one (i.e

  • If you do not have Feide, you can create an OpenIdP-account.
  • This is used to authenticate you in our web services like MAS, to administer your profile, project applications etc.
  • This field is required if you are going to use the NIRD Toolkit, or be a project leader.

3. Check the box to acknowledge that you have verified the information in the form.
4. Click the "Send application" button to submit the user application for review.



What happens next?

Application signature

Once the application has been submitted, the project leaders will be notified by e-mail.
They will then have to sign the user application to acknowledge that it should be processed.

Review by Sigma2

Once the user application has been signed by the project leaders, Sigma2 will review and process the application.

If something needs to be changed or more information is required, we will contact you.

Set a password and log in

Once Sigma2 has processed your application, you will receive an e-mail and SMS with instructions on how to set a password for your account.

Please note that the password received by SMS is temporary and must be changed within 7 days. This temporary password cannot be used to log in - it is only used to set a new one.

After setting a password, please wait 15 minutes for the changes to be applied before trying to log in.

How to change password

If you have any problems, feel free to contact support at