How to change passwords

When you get access to a Notur or NorStore project you receive a SMS with a password. This has to be changed within 7 days.
You may also update your password at any time if you simply want to change it.

Did you forget your password? You may then reset your password instead.

Go to the user account maintenance page


Take me there


  1. Click "User account" from the top meny
  2. Click "Change passwords" in the drop down



Authenticate with your user account

  1. Fill in your username
  2. Provide your current password associated with the account
    • If you received a temporary password by SMS, use this here.
  3. Select the resource you are going to change the password for.
  4. Press the submit button to proceed



Set a new password

  1. Select the resource you are changing the password for
  2. Provide your old password for the resource
    • If you received a temporary password by SMS, use this here
  3. Fill in your new password (see our password policy)
  4. Repeat your new password for verification purposes
  5. Click the submit button


Password changes are not instant

Please note that you have to wait until your new password is synchronized to the resource before trying to log in. See the intervals in the table below.

Resource Wait time
Fram 15 minutes
Nird 15 minutes
Saga 15 minutes
Stallo 15 minutes
Vilje 1 hour