How to reset passwords

If you already have a password but want to change it, follow these instructions.

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, you can reset it via our self-service portal at
To reset a password it is necessary to have a valid mobile phone number connected to your user account.

If you are unable to receive SMS, we can send one with a registered letter through the postal service. Please contact us via in such case.

Password changes are not instant

Please note that you have to wait ~15 minutes until your new password is synchronized to the resource before trying to log in.
This applies to all HPC systems and the storage facility.

Go to the user account maintenance page



  1. Click "User account" from the top menu
  2. Click "Reset passwords" in the drop down



Get an activation key

  1. Fill in your username
  2. Click "Send activation key"


If you don't receive an SMS within one hour, please contact support on with your associated e-mail address and provide your username and correct mobile phone number.


Select resources and create temporary password

  1. Fill in the activation key you received by SMS
  2. Click the "Create temporary password(s)" button

reset password 2


Set your new password(s)

  1. Fill in the temporary password you received on SMS
  2. Create a new password (see our password policy)
  3. Repeat your new password
  4. Click the "Change password" button

reset password 3