Manage user access

Project Leaders and Executive Officers (XO) can manage user access to projects from our resource administration system if the person already has a user account with us.

You can invite colleagues to your project regardless of their location or whether they are part of your organisation. This includes both local colleagues within Norway and those based internationally.

Existing users can be added to your project via the resource administration system. Simply go to 'Assign Users' in the system and make the necessary changes.

Approving new users to your project

New users must complete a simple web form to apply for a user account. The Principal Investigator/Project Leader will receive an email when a new user application is submitted to the project and must sign the user application to verify the user`s access to the project.

If you are a Principal Investigator/Project Leader and receive a user application that won't be signed and should be discarded, please let us know by e-mail at

When the application is signed, Sigma2 will review it, create the account, and grant access.

Principal Investigators/Project Leaders must also apply for a user account

Principal Investigators/Project Leaders do not automatically get an account when applying for resources. If a project manager intends to use the resources themselves, they must apply for a user account and manage access through our resource management system.

Projects are not established on the systems before at least one user is given access.

Access to national LUMI projects

Adding users to the EuroHPC machine LUMI is done by Sigma2 staff directly in their portal.
Project leaders with a project on LUMI must send an email to containing the following information about each user that should get access:

  • name
  • email
  • address
  • nationality