Manage user access

As a project leader or executive officer, you can manage the user access to your project from

Existing user required

This guide shows how to manage user access for existing users.
If you are looking to add new users without an existing account, they need to submit a user application instead.



Step 1

1. Go to the front page of MAS, at
2. Use the link titeled "Admin login" to log in with Feide or OpenIdP



Step 2

1. If your institition do not have Feide, you can use OpenIdP to login. You need to register for an account in advance at
2. Use this option if you use Feide from your institution


Step 3

Once logged in, use the top navigation and go to Projects - Projects.


Step 4

In this view you can see all the projects you have permissions to manage.
On the same row as the project you want to manage access for, click "Assign users".


Step 5

At this point, you have a few different options depending on what you want to achieve.
Follow the on screen instructions in the administrative system to manage the access.