NIRD Service Platform

An illustration of what is possible on the Service Platform.

NIRD – The National Infrastructure for Research Data is an eco-system of storage services designed to support scientific research in every step of the Research Data Life Cycle, from data planning to data collection and storage, to data analysis and finally data sharing, archiving and re-use.

On the NIRD Service Platform, you can run services and have dedicated resources for data discovery and data-intensive computing on a large amount of data. 

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Service description

The NIRD Service Platform is a Kubernetes based infrastructure, to run several types of services and software, such as web services, domain and community-specific portals, tools for data visualization, data discovery and data sharing. The services run in containers to ensure high portability of the tools and reproducibility of the results (es: the tools running on the NIRD Service Platform can easily be exported and run on Amazon Cloud or Google Cloud).  

Hardware information 

Who can get access?

All users having access to NIRD Data Storage can deploy services on the NIRD Service Platform or spin up on-demand services on the NIRD Toolkit. If you do not have a to NIRD Data Storage project, you can apply for resources through the application form

Services launched through the NIRD Toolkit can also be accessed by external users. External users are authenticated through the FEIDE / Dataporten service. The project leader / executive officer can authorize other members of the project group to deploy NIRD Toolkit applications, by managing the group in FEIDE. 

For more information, please check out the getting started guide for the NIRD Toolkit.  

Usage scenarios

Use case 1

With the NIRD Service Platform, you can run your favourite tools/portals/codes to analyze and visualize massive data stored on NIRD – all in one place, without moving data. 

Use case 2 

On the NIRD Service Platform, a project can have a dedicated login container, a virtual environment to run data-intensive pre-/post-processing analysis without queuing the system and without moving data. The login containers can be customized with tools specific to the project and powered with virtual CPUs, RAM and eventually GPUs. 

Use case 3

On-demand data analytics services, such as AI/ML algorithm, JupyterHub and Jupyter Notebook are also available on the NIRD Service Platform through the NIRD Toolkit, a research platform to click-and-install such tools when you need them just in a few clicks. 

What services does NIRD Toolkit offer? 

  • Apache Spark 
  • RStudio 
  • Jupyter 
  • JupyterHub 
  • MinIO 
  • Deep Learning Tools 

The NIRD Toolkit can be enriched with even more tools. 

If your favourite tool is not yet offered by the NIRD Toolkit, please contact Sigma2


Conditions for access

Scientific merit  

Access to the NIRD Service Platform and NIRD Toolkit, including user support, is granted following individual applications. 

The work to be carried out must meet requirements for scientific quality. Large-scale resource requirements, such as multiple CPU and GPU resources, must also meet requirements for efficient execution. 

Acceptable use policy 

The researcher must comply with the acceptable use policy and the ICT policy at their respective research institutions. 

Get access

NIRD Service Platform 

Access to login containers is restricted to the members of the NIRD Data Storage project. 

The access policy to the portal/web-services owned by a project, that is the project can decide whether access is restricted to the project or openly accessible. 

Please contact Sigma2 if you want to get access to the NIRD Service Platform. 

NIRD Toolkit 

To access the NIRD Toolkit, please go to 

Please check out the getting started guide for the NIRD Toolkit


How much does it cost?

The cost model for the service platform resources will be available in the new Sigma2 cost model regime. We expect to publish this shortly.

Please contact us for more information. 


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User stories

Process and discover data

Make your workday as a scientist easier with the NIRD Service Platform. The amount of research that requires big data analytics is steadily increasing, and many researchers experience a growing need to store and analyse data in large volumes. Handling the vast amount of data can be both tricky and time-consuming. On the NIRD Service Platform, you can process and discover data with your favourite tools and codes, without having to move your data.