NRIS - Norwegian Research Infrastructure Services

An important foundation for the successful collaboration on e-infrastructure in Norway is NRIS - a collaboration of five organisations to pool competencies, resources and services. The collaboration was until recently known as "the Metacenter". 

NRIS consists of highly qualified IT staff at the four universities NTNU, the Universities of Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø and employees at Sigma2, counting almost 50 people. 

The purpose is a geographically distributed competence network that ensures that all researchers who use the national e-infrastructure have quick and easy access to domain-specific support close to the user.

Overview of the national e-infrastructure services

The core activities of NRIS

  • Joint operation of the national HPC and storage systems.
  • Unified user support, including a common national help desk.
  • Application management.
  • High-Level Support/Advanced User Support.
  • Shared training and dissemination resources and activities.
  • Resource allocation (including common access management across all national systems).
  • Participation in international partnerships and projects related to e-infrastructure.
  • Projects’ participation and development.
Illustration of the collaboration between Sigma2 and the universities.

We work together to fulfil our vision "We enhance excellent research for a better world"