Reporting usage through Cristin

Projects that are granted access on the national e-infrastructure facilities are required to provide a list of any publications resulting from the use of these resources.

The reported publications are presented to the Sigma2 Board and are used by the Resource Allocation Committe (RFK) prior to allocating resources. Submission of such publications are therefore compulsory for all projects granted access to the national e-infrastructure.

Note: This guide applies to the older web interface of Cristin, which can be found here.

Reporting of e-infrastructure resources must be performed through the use of the Cristin publication registry. The majority of projects receive partial funding from the Research Council and are therefore already required to report their publications in this way. The allocation of Sigma2 resources, primarily funded by RCN, should therefore be considered an alternate funding body and consequently added to the list of funding sources for all relevant publications.

The registration of e-infrastructure resources is linked to the project number(s) of the allocation(s). The project code format is on the form NNxxxxK and NSxxxxK for compute and storage allocations, respectively.

How to report through Cristin?

To expand an existing publication with Sigma2 tags in Cristin, we recommend the procedure:

  1. Log into Cristin from your home institution portal (if applicable), with your home institution credentials 
  2. Search your publications 
  3. For every publication that applies, press the "Edit" button 
  4. On the edits, go to the submeny "Project code", and select funding source "Sigma2" (The old code "Notur/Norstore has been changed).

This pulldown list is terribly long and difficult to select from. We recommend the procedure:

  1. Hit the "v" arrow to the right to expand the list.
  2. Keep the cursor into the list and rapidly type the three letters "not".
  3. When the "Sigma2" funding source is successfully selected, type in applicable project numbers as a comma separated list in the input field above the funding source pulldown.

  • Finish the publication update by pressing "Add".


It is sufficient that one author tags a publication.

It is the duty of each project responsible to ensure that relevant publications are reported to the Cristin system and tagged with the correct funding source (Sigma2) as described above.

Notice it is possible to register both software (on GitHub or similar distribution channels), publications under submission and preprints in Cristin. 

Important note

If you're using both HPC and storage, you should tag both NN and NS projects in the same publication.