Sensitive Data Services (TSD)

The Sensitive Data Service (TSD) provides a platform to store, compute and analyse research sensitive data in compliance with Norwegian regulations regarding individuals’ privacy.

The TSD-service has been designed and set up to comply with the national legislations concerning research on sensitive data.

The basic layout of the system is a secure centralised vault where data and backup are stored. Inside the secure environment reside all the TSD services, namely the high performance computing cluster, large storage capabilities, databases and data management infrastructure.

Researchers working within a project, access the project-dedicated resources in TSD through remote connection to virtual machines. A large software portfolio is installed on every project specific virtual machine and on the cluster to allow analysis of the data inside the secure environment.  
Part of the national e-infrastructure

The Services for sensitive data (TSD) has been developed and is operated by University of Oslo in partnership with Sigma2, and is a part of the national e-infrastructure facilities.

The TSD-service is available to researchers at Norwegian universities, colleges and other institutions that are state-owned and have research or education as primary purpose.

Please see our price list for details: User contribution model

If you are planning to make use of the HPC resources inside TSD and/or you foresee the need for more than 10 TB storage space, you can apply for national e-infrastructure resources granted by the Resource Allocation Committee (RFK) through Sigma2 calls. RFK evaluate allocation for large amount of CPU hours (<100 000) or large storage capability  (< 25 TB).

We can grant a maximum of 100 000 CPU hours and maximum 25 TB storage on behalf of the RFK at any time between the calls.

If you need dedicated or special resources you can also apply directly to Sigma2. In such cases, the allocation will be done by Sigma2.

If you do not already have a project in TSD when you apply to Sigma2 and granted resources in TSD, we will provide support to assist you through the necessary registration procedure for getting TSD access.

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The national e-infrastructure services consist of HPC, data storage and several related services.  

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About the national e-infrastructure services

Sigma2 works closely with the universities of Bergen, Oslo, Tromsø and NTNU to operate the national e-infrastructure services. The collaboration is called NRIS (Norwegian research infrastructure services). It is the NRIS staff who ensures that all researchers who use the national e-infrastructure services get quick and easy access to domain-specific support and related activities.

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