Sensitive Data Services

The Sensitive Data Services is often abbreviated as TSD (Tjeneste for Sensitive Data).

Researchers in several fields often need to handle sensitive data. Sensitive data services offer a secure environment to handle and analyse data that requires heightened protection due to its sensitive nature, such as personal information, medical records, or confidential data.

With access to sensitive data services, researchers can leverage high-performance computing clusters and large storage capabilities to efficiently process and store vast amounts of sensitive data.


Researchers and lecturers at Norwegian research institutions.

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Apply through regular calls or in between resource allocation periods.

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The price depend on the funding that supports your research project.

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What is TSD?

The Sensitive Data Service (TSD) offers a specialised platform designed to securely store, process, and analyse research-sensitive data, all while strictly adhering to Norwegian regulations concerning individuals' privacy.

This service is particularly tailored to handle data that requires heightened protection due to its sensitive nature, such as personal or confidential information.

TSD is developed and operated by the University of Oslo in partnership with Sigma2 and is part of the national e-infrastructure facilities.

How does it work?

The basic layout of the system is a secure centralised vault where data and backups are stored. Inside the secure environment, all the TSD services reside, including the high-performance computing cluster, large storage capabilities, databases, and data management infrastructure.

Researchers working within a project access the project-dedicated resources in TSD through a remote connection to virtual machines. A large software portfolio is installed on every project-specific virtual machine and on the cluster to allow analysis of the data inside the secure environment.

How to get access?

To utilise the HPC resources inside TSD or if you need more than 10 TB of storage space, you must apply for national e-infrastructure resources.

If you do not already have a project in TSD when you apply to Sigma2 and are granted resources in TSD, we will provide support to assist you through the necessary registration procedure to obtain access.

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