Small Scale Exploratory Work (SSEW)

Testing our storage services and/or high-performance computing with limited resources offers researchers a risk-free environment to evaluate the e-infrastructure's suitability for their research needs. It allows them to optimise workflows, gain valuable experience, and build confidence in using advanced computing tools. This preliminary phase enables researchers to make informed decisions and set the foundation for successful and impactful projects on a larger scale.

We are happy to offer a pool of computing time available for smaller projects that require immediate access to computing or storage resources. Researchers can apply for small-scale HPC or storage access to explore the feasibility of our e-infrastructure resources.


Students and researchers at Norwegian universities and research institutions.

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Please see information on how to apply for SSEW below.


The SSEW service is free of charge.

What is SSEW?

The SSEW (Small Scale Exploratory Work) service offers researchers limited access to national supercomputers and storage resources for a specific period.

The maximum allocations for compute resources are 20,000 CPU hours, and 5 TB for storage resources.

Please note that SSEW is intended solely for testing purposes. The SSEW area is shared with other projects, and as a result, it should not be used for production data.


Access to SSEW is granted for a duration of 3 months.

If your needs extend beyond this period, you will need to apply for additional resources through a regular project.


The service is currently available on the NIRD Service Platform and the national supercomputers Fram and Saga. Each user receives 500 GB of storage space on the HPC systems.

How to get access

You can apply for SSEW at any time of the year by sending an e-mail to

In your email, please include:

  • Purpose
  • Anticipated resource needs
    • If HPC, average core count, memory requirements and if you need GPU
  • Software needs
  • Expected duration

More information about the national systems

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