Terms and conditions agreement for dataset deposit in the archive

1. Disclaimer

Note to all users on the provisions of data submitted.

Norstore is primarily funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The business
model of the Norstore research data archive is to provide a service free of charge to the endusers
under the assumption that data contributors provide the required meta-data about the
dataset, publish it via the service and in doing so provide open access to the data.

The RCN is currently revising its data policies and requirements for research projects
receiving grants from the Research Council. The future publication of datasets is therefore
subject to revision with possible prerequisites for any data submitted and/or restrictions on
what users are allowed to make use of the service free of charge.

2. Roles and responsibilities

The Norstore archive requires users wishing to archive datasets to sign this agreement between the
Archive and the Depositor. The agreement lays out the responsibilities of the Archive and of the
user depositing data to the archive and the terms of access to the dataset. In summary, the
agreement is divided into two parts:

2.1 Archive Responsibilities

  • To ensure the dataset is managed according to the license agreement.
  • To ensure users of the dataset are aware of the access license.
  • To ensure approved users can access the dataset for the duration of the agreement (10 years
  • from the date of submission).

2.2 Depositor Responsibilities

  • To ensure the dataset does not contain illegal content and abides by copyright and
  • publication restrictions.
  • To ensure permission from all stakeholders has been obtained to deposit the dataset.
  • To ensure sufficient metadata is supplied with the dataset to enable discovery and reuse of
  • the dataset.
  • To have read and signed the depositor license agreement.

3. Depositor Agreement

This agreement is between Norstore and the depositor covers the deposit of digital datasets in the
Norstore Archive. The license describes the responsibilities of the depositor and the Norstore

This agreement is non-exclusive which ensures the copyright remains with the Rights Holder and
does not transfer to the archive. The following terms are used in this agreement:

Approved User – a person or organisation that has permission to access a dataset.
Authorised User – a person or organisation that is registered to use the Norstore archive.
Bit-level Preservation – the act of ensuring the stream of bits in the file are readable.
Data Manager – the person or organisation responsible for ensuring the dataset and metadata are
understandable and error-free. The data manager may not resolve issues but may pass them on to more capable persons.
Dataset – the collection of data as defined by the depositor or discipline.
Depositor – the person or organisation that has permission to request the dataset to be archived.
Lifetime – the period of time during which the published dataset is accessible in the NorStore
archive. The default period is 10 years unless circumstances require the period to be shortened.
Malware – any malicious software (such as viruses, spy-ware etc) that is designed to disrupt the
Archive or gain access to unauthorised information.
Metadata – the information that describes the dataset.
Norstore – the organisation responsible for the operation of the Archive.
Preparation Phase – the phase during which the dataset is prepared for publication (the user provides metadata and any other relevant documentation).
Published Dataset – a dataset that has been accepted by the Archive for a period of 10 years and is made available for approved users.
Rights Holder – the person or organisation that holds rights (copyright, other legal rights) on the dataset.
Stakeholders – persons or organisations that have a controlling interest in the data. This includes the data manager, rights holder, and depositor. In addition, there may be other groups such as those that took part in the production of the data.
User – the person or entity accessing the metadata or dataset.

3.1 Agreement

For the lifetime of the dataset the depositor grants royalty-free licence for the dataset to the
Norstore Archive without restriction to:

  • Provide access to the dataset to registered and approved users1.
  • Provide public, unrestricted access to the dataset's metadata.
  • Promote the availability of the dataset to interested users.
  • To ensure the dataset remains readable during its lifetime.

Dual-licensing (combining multiple licenses which are compatible) may be offered.
Norstore recommends the use of standardised licenses as far as this is practical and possible.

3.2 Depositor Responsibilities

  • Ensure the dataset is complete and was created according to approved responsible research
    practices (see for example [1- 4]), abides by copyright and publication restrictions and does
    not contain illegal content2.
  • Ensure the right to archive the dataset has been received from all stakeholders.
  • Ensure entities (persons or organisations) have agreed to act as Data Manager and Rights
    Holder for the dataset.
  • Ensure metadata describing the dataset is in English, complete and correct to the best of
    knowledge and has been completed within the time-period allotted for describing datasets (3
  • Ensure the dataset is free from corruption and malware before depositing it to the Archive.
  • Ensure the correct licence for access is assigned to the dataset.

3.3 Rights Holder Responsibilities

  • Deal with questions covering the rights of the dataset.
  • Inform the Norstore Archive in the case of a change in the rights over the dataset or of a
    change in the owner of the rights.
  • Inform the Norstore Archive of a wish to be replaced and nominate a replacement (with their

3.4 Data Manager Responsibilities

  • Deal with questions and actions covering the dataset and metadata.
  • Inform the Norstore Archive in the case of any issues regarding the dataset or metadata that
    may impact their use.
  • Inform the Norstore Archive of a wish to be replaced and nominate a replacement (with their

3.5 Archive Responsibilities

  • Ensure the bit-level preservation of the dataset.
  • Ensure the published dataset metadata is publicly available.
  • Ensure the dataset is accessed only by approved and authorised users.
  • Ensure approved and authorised users are aware of the terms of use described in the access
  • To notify the depositor and/or data manager and/or rights holder of problems with the

3.6 Dataset End-of-life

The Norstore archive will ensure all published datasets are accessible for 10 years from the date of
publication in the archive. Six months before the dataset's end-of-life the Norstore Archive will
inform the dataset's Data Manager and/or Rights Holder of the approaching end-of-life to
understand what to do with the dataset.

3.7 Termination of Agreement

  • The depositor or the Norstore archive can terminate the agreement with immediate effect in the case of a breach of the agreement that cannot be resolved within 30 days; or an agreed period of time. At that point, the dataset will be removed from the archive and a reason for removal will be added to the metadata. The dataset's metadata will remain accessible to the public.
  • Failure to provide all the mandatory metadata describing the dataset during the preparation phase (3 months) may result in a termination of the agreement resulting in the dataset being eligible for deletion from the archive.
  • In the case of no breach, the agreement may be terminated by either party within 6 months of receipt of the request for termination. At that point, the dataset will be removed from the archive and a reason for removal will be added to the metadata for the dataset. The associated metadata will remain accessible to the public.

1. The Norstore Archive reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions for datasets that place restrictions on
users of the datasets.
2. As defined by Norwegian Law.