Course Resources as a Service (CRaaS)

In Norwegian universities, many courses offer explorations into diverse domains, spanning high-performance computing (HPC) to artificial intelligence, computational physics to data interpretation, providing students with engaging and interactive educational encounters.

This requires quick and easy access to compute resources, empowering both researchers and students in their teaching efforts.

Welcome to Course Resources as a Service (CRaaS). This is a platform dedicated to researchers and lecturers seeking e-infrastructure resources for their dynamic courses and workshops, enabling hands-on learning experiences for their students.


Researchers and lecturers at Norwegian research institutions.

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Please see information about how to apply for CRaaS below.


CRaaS is free of charge.

What is CRaaS?

Course Resources as a Service (CRaaS) assists researchers in facilitating courses or workshops with easy access to national e-infrastructure resources, used for educational purposes.

With CRaaS, you effortlessly gain access to the requested CPU hours and storage resources on our supercomputers, providing the utmost convenience and flexibility.


If you are considering utilising the NIRD Toolkit for your course, please ensure compatibility with any of the available packages before submitting your application.

To access the CRaaS service, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Hold a permanent position or be a postdoctoral fellow at your institution
  • Provide a description of your activity, including software and resource needs.
  • Acknowledge the use of the national e-infrastructure resources in relevant dissemination.

How to get access?

Follow the steps below to get access to CRaaS.

1. Verify your software

Contact the software team at to ensure that your software is compatible with our infrastructure. Share information about the software and versions you intend to use for the course/workshop and your plan to utilise the CRaaS service.

2. Submit course details

Once you receive confirmation that your software can be used, fill out a separate application (lenke til skjema) form with details about your course. Submit this form at least 15 days before your activity starts.

3. Receive confirmation

Upon reviewing your application form, we will confirm whether we can provide the requested resources for your course/workshop. Please note that we can guarantee resource availability only after you receive confirmation from us.

4. Provide user details

The details required depend on the type, size, and duration of your activity. Typically, we need information such as name, username, email address, and mobile phone number to grant access to resources. In some cases, we may request additional information via a spreadsheet.

Each user participating in your course or workshop need to submit a user application to your allocated project via Follow the instructions provided on how to apply for a user account.

5. Report results

After conducting your course, we will provide a form or document where you report the results of using our services.

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